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Mission Endowment Fund

Purpose of the Mission  Endowment Fund

Christ's Lutheran Church established the Mission Endowment Fund in 2006 in celebration of the congregation's 200th anniversary.   As we work toward 300 years of ministry, we are committed to reaching out and serving the needs of others within the Woodstock community, our nation, and throughout the world.

Through annual distributions, the Mission Endowment Fund supports existing and new outreach opportunities at home and abroad.

Fund Asset Management

The Mission  Endowment Fund of Christ's Lutheran Church is a permanent endowment.  Accordingly, the investment of fund assets are made in order to preserve the long-term integrity of the Fund while providing money for distribution to various programs and projects


Annual distributions will be made according to the following formula:

  • Up to 30% for ministries near and dear to Christ's Lutheran Church
  • Up to 30% for outreach to meet special needs of the local area of Woodstock
  • Up to 30% to meet special needs in partnership with the congregations of the Metropolitan New York Synod
  • Up to 30% for special international projects and ministries of the Evangelical  Lutheran Church in America

Make a gift today and be part of the future!

Growing the Fund

Donors may give to the Fund through:

  • an outright gift of cash
  • a bequest in a will
  • gifts of stock, mutual fund shares, or other personal assets
  • gifts of real estate
  • making the fund a beneficiary on insurance policies or other investments
  • a charitable gift annuity, charity remainder trust, or other life income agreement
  • a named memorial fund

All gifts to the Fund are tax deductible.  Donors will receive a letter for tax purposes.

Gifts of stock and/or other real assets will be sold and reinvested.

Donors may wish to consult with an ELCA Foundation gift planner, a financial planner, and/or an attorney.

A permanent list of donors will be kept with the Fund's records.

From the Pastor

The congregation started this fund to strengthen its mission and outreach in the community of Woodstock and beyond.  Any congregation, but small congregations in particular, often have limited yearly resources to fund projects like schools, outreach to the aging, disaster responses, and foreign mission.  The Mission Endowment Fund is intended to help this congregation and its members reach out wherever there is need or call for the love of Christ.
         –  Pastor Sonja

___Yes, I'd like to help!  Attached is my donation for $______ for the Mission Endowment Fund.
Name: ________________________
City: __________________________
State, Zip: _____________________
Phone: ________________________
(Please make checks payable to:
The Mission  Endowment Fund)
Mail to: Mission  Endowment Fund, c/o Christ's Lutheran Church, 26 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock, NY  12498

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